Allisen Appraisal Consultants is owned by Allisen Consulting Ltd., which was incorporated in March 1982 and has been in Nanaimo since September 1993.

Allisen Appraisal Consultants can provide appraisals on all types of residential property, including: single family residential; condominium units; duplexes; tri-plexes; four-plexes; residential acreages; mobile homes; and vacant lots. There are many purposes for which clients utilize our appraisals, including: new mortgages; refinancing; pre-purchasing; market evaluation/pre-selling; new construction and development; renovation; employee relocations; foreclosures; litigation (divorce/property division); estate settlements; and capital income taxes.

The advantage of using this site is time saving. This site is open for business 24 hours/day, 7 days/week, ready to accept your request(s). Your appraisal/information can be delivered to you and/or forwarded to another party of your choice more quickly and completely than by fax and/or regular mail or delivery service. Photos in your appraisal/information report are in colour, and are clear and crisp. You can print your appraisal/information report immediately, or you can save it for later printing. EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) appraisals are being used more and more everyday, and are used by most of the major lenders in place of paper reports.