Allisen Appraisal – Home Appraisals

$339 – Home Appraisal*

Discount on appraisal fees for Seniors and Lenders.

Home Appraisal includes: Research on: legal description; municipal description; zoning; utility and access right of ways; existing use; lot size; assessment values; age of improvements; sales and listing history of the subject property over the past three years, the last sale of the subject property, confirmation with municipal departments on conformity to zoning by-laws, and confirmation of other relative regulations as required. Travel to and from the subject property. Viewing of the subject property, inside and out (as required), measuring the exterior of the improvements, drawing the improvements on sketching software, calculation of the improvement size/areas, exterior and interior photos, notes on deficiencies where applicable. Research on recent MLS comparable sales, with an emphasis on location, quality, comparability, and being most recent sales available. Written Appraisal report with full description of the neighbourhood, subject site, description of the improvements, exterior and interior photos of the improvements, drawing/sketch of improvements floor plan, Comparison Approach to Value showing the best comparables available for the subject property, adjusted to give as accurate an indication of the subject value as possible, Cost Approach to Value providing relative values of the composition of the subject property (Cost Approach to Value is not relied upon due to reliability of determining depreciation on existing improvements, especially where renovations, updates and upgrades have been done, or where construction techniques have changed since the improvements were constructed). Reconciliation of Comparison Approach of Value in order to provide an accurate as possible Final Estimate of Value for the subject property. Review and proofreading of the Appraisal report. Printing the Appraisal report as a PDF, and emailing the final Appraisal report to the person who requested the appraisal. The Appraisal report and the Invoice are sent as separate PDF’s, for accounting and privacy purposes.

*standard size home.
Additional fees on over 1ac site, waterfront, travel, executive style, and/or large homes.

*Fees are plus GST (5%)