January 18, 2017
“thank you sooooooo much.. I appreciate the quick turn around and want you to know I appreciate the extra effort… thank you ” NAS
February 23, 2010
Great Job Paticia, Thank you for your speedy reply.
Lynn Purcell, Support Officer
Ottawa Ont.,
BMO Bank of Montreal

December 08, 2009
Sharon Cox, Account Representative
Parksville Community Branch, Parksville, BC
Coastal Community Credit Union

December 08, 2009
Nora Oud, Financial Advisor
City Centre, Nanaimo, BC

October 30, 2009
Thanks Brooks. Have an excellent weekend!
Nora Oud, Financial Advisor
City Centre, Nanaimo, BC

October 30, 2009
Connie Lim, Res. Mortgage Underwriter II
Firstline Access

October 01, 2009
Thank you Brooks;
All rec’d – payment should be on it’s way.
Julia Chomick, Financial Advisor
West Georgia Street, Vancouver, BC

October 02, 2009
Thank you!!!
Aaron Barkley
Spruce Grove, Alberta
The Mortgage Group

August 26, 2009
Thank you – I have rec’d it and will forward payment accordingly – thanks for such fast service!! I appreciate it.
Tysha Sheppy, Financial Advisor
Powell River, BC

July 31, 2009
Thanks Brooks, you’re awesome!
Have a great weekend.
Robb Flannery AMP
Accredited Mortgage Professional
Bayfield Mortgage Professionals
Courtenay, BC

July 30, 2009
Hi Brooks,
Thank you! I really appreciate your doing this for me so quickly.
Have a great evening!
Elisabeth Kraus, BA (Econ), PFP
Financial Advisor
Scotiabank Vancouver CBC and Main Branch

June 30, 2009
Thanks for your speedy turn around, invoice will be in the mail asap.
Jeanette Schmidt, Sr. Personal Banking Officer
Main St
Whitehorse, Yukon

June 29, 2009
Hi Brooks,
This attachment came through alright. Thank you again for your help!
Have a great day.
Courtenay Able
(Private Request)
Nanaimo, BC

June 05, 2009
Thank you–you sure are quick.
Sheryl Greenway
(Private Request)
Nanaimo, BC

May 15, 2009
Thank you Brooks…have a great weekend!
Nora Oud
Financial Advisor
City Centre, Nanaimo

February 04, 2009
Thanks Brooks. Much appreciated.
Tim Mawdsley, Account Manager
Island Savings Credit Union
Island Highway North, Nanaimo, BC

December 03, 2008
Hi Brooks,
Thank you for your prompt service!
Tom Hill,
(Private Request)
Edmonton, Alberta

September 10, 2008
That was quick!
Kelly Hayes
Fulfillment Specialist
First National Financial Corporation
Homer Street, Vancouver, BC

September 08, 2008
Thanks Brooks, that’s great.
Tanis Dahlstedt
Mortgage Specialist
BMO Bank of Montreal
National Business Development Group
Central Vanc. Island & Gulf Islands

July 30, 2008
Received…. Thank-You very much.
Yvonne Olson, Branch Manager
Bank of Montreal
20 Main St, Athens, Ontario

July 26, 2008
Hi Brooks Thank you for the appraisal report and the kind assistance you provide.
Regards Tracy Ong, Senior Personal Banking Officer
Chinatown Branch, Keefer St, Vancouver, BC

July 07, 2008
Good Morning Brooks,
I received the appraisal report and voicemail…..much appreciated!
Thanks very much for your time on this report.
Best Regards,
Liz Yangco,
Ronin Mortgage
Vancouver, BC

June, 05, 2008
Thank you
Caroline Gisondi
Associée PME, CIBC
1155 René Lévesque O
Montréal Québec

June 06, 2008
Thank you!
Candice Watson
Mortgage Development Manager
Maple Trust
Victoria, BC

May 21, 2008
Thanks very much!
Shayla Damery
Licensed Mortgage Associate
First Foundation Residential Mortgages
Merix Financial
Edmonton, Alberta

March 27, 2008
Thanks brooks for your help I really appreciate it. It sounds like you had a good weekend!
Ours was pretty slow but we did have a visit from the easter bunny. Thanks for everything
again. Talk to you soon.
Kris Kennedy
Mortgage Specialist
Verico Select Mortgage Corp.
Nanaimo, BC

March 19, 2008
Thank you for the excellent appraisal. Mont & Walker Law Corp. will be
forwarding payment for this on Thursday, thereby you should have by
Wednesday next week at the latest.
Hope you have a wonderful long weekend !
James Snider – Site Manager / Mortgage Broker
Verico Select Mortgage Corp.
Nanaimo, BC

March 13, 2008
Thanks Brooks, great service again.
Steve Higgs, Mortgage Consultant
Verico Select Mortgage Corp.
Bowen Road
Nanaimo, BC

February 28, 2008
Thank you so very much for the appraisal and your very quick response to
my request. Excellent service.
Debbie Wald
106 Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta
Bank of Montreal

January 10, 2008
That was quick! Thank you. Cheque’s in the mail.
Renata Wojcicka, Senior Personal Banking Officer
Penticton, BC

July 17, 2007
Hi Brooks,
I just wanted to thank you for your excellent service. It is prompt, friendly and professional and very much
appreciated. I know we will be working together again soon.
Yours truly,
Melina Snyder
Mortgage Specialist
BMO Bank of Montreal
Central Vancouver Island

June 29, 2007
Thank you very much for providing us with the appraisal report so quickly.
I really appreciate the excellent service.
Have a great weekend!
Cheryl Davies, PFP
Financial Advisor
Scotiabank, Parksville Branch
102 E Island Hwy
Parksville, BC

May 29, 2007
Thanks for your kindness and the quick turnaround time.
I have actually forgotten to place this order last week.
John Yeo, BBA, AACI, P.App, RI(BC)
Senior Review Appraiser
Accredited Home Lenders Canada, Inc.
For: David Salen, Mortgage Broker
Essex & Kent Mortgage Corp.
Nanaimo, BC

May 16, 2007
Thanks Brooks…you guys are awesome!
Cheers Nora
Nora Oud, Financial Advisor
City Centre, Nanaimo, BC

April 26, 2007
Thanks so much for the speedy service. I am shocked and pleased by how
wonderful it was to deal with you through the quick process!
We will speak again!
Sarah Johnson, Sr. Broker
Meridian West Coast
Coquitlam, BC

April 18, 2007
Hi Brooks
I have received the appraisal for the Greenways, thank you for your
quick reponse
Linda Chase, Account Service Rep
Southgate Community Branch
Coastal Community Credit Union

April 19, 2007
Hi Brooks!
Thank you very much for sending this to me! It was a pleasure speaking with you the other day.
I learned a lot from our conversation. Thanks again for taking the time. Have a great week!
Sandy Florio
Executive Assistant to Duane Andrews
Duane Andrews, Chief Executive Officer
Clear Capital
Truckee, CA

October 11, 2006
Thank you Brooks for doing this on such short notice. It’s much appreciated!
Dave Melsted, Branch Manager
Coastal Community Credit Union
59 Wharf Street, Nanaimo, BC

September 22, 2006
Thanks for doing that so quickly. Have a great weekend,
Michael Ledingham
CENTUM LendingMax Island Corp.
Nanaimo, BC

September 18, 2006
Thank you so much!
Lyndy Davidson
Jencor Mortgage Corporation
Calgary, Alberta

July 10, 2006
Thank you so much for taking care of this so quickly.
Kim Simister
(Private Request)
Parksville, BC

July 06, 2006
Thank you Brooks!
Dave Melsted, Branch Manager
Coastal Community Credit Union
59 Wharf Street, Nanaimo, BC

March 22, 2006
Hello Brooks,
Thanks so much for expediting this to me.
Opened and printed just fine.
Thanks again!
Will McDaneil
(Private Request)
Lantzville, BC

February 16, 2006
Thank you for the amazingly fast turnaround time!!!
David Melsted B.A.
Branch Manager
Harbourfront Community Branch
Coastal Community Credit Union

October 25, 2005
Hi Brooks,
thank you so much for the quick turnaround on the appraisal!
I really appreciate it!!
Best regards,
Dana Wallace, Financial Advisor
North Bluff Road, White Rock, BC

November 11, 2004
I thank you for the super job on this file. I do like your work.
Thanks again for your service.
Faye M. Drope AMP
Mortgage Broker
Mortgage Intelligence
E. Island Hwy.,
Parksville, BC

July 09, 2004
Hi Brooks,
Thanks very much for preparing the appraisal on the McPhee property so promptly
for me. I really appreciate the quick turn around. The payment for the invoice
was sent in the mail to you July 8, let me know if you don’t receive it by next
Thanks again,
Lisa Tonks
Powell River BC

November 28, 2003
Thank you so much for your quick professional service.
Have a great day.
Lorraine Allman, Lending Services
Powell River Credit Union Financial Group
4721 Joyce Avenue
Powell River, B.C. V8A 3B5

August  22, 2001
Thank you very much!!
Ms Marilyn Wolfe, Manager
Recoveries, Foreclosure Department
Coastal Community Credit Union
Victoria Crescent, Nanaimo, BC